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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wisconsin's Governor Evers extended the "Safer at Home" order through May 26. While Kenosha County is complying with the May 13 Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling to cancel the "Safer at Home" order,  Beth Hillel will remain closed until further notice. 

We are following the advice of Kenosha County's top health officer, Dr. Jen Freiheit ​​​​​: “Sadly, Kenosha County remains far from being out of the woods with COVID-19,” Freiheit said. “It is our hope in the public health world that our community will continue to take the threat of the virus seriously and take precautions to slow its spread as we enter this next phase of reopening our economy.”

Beth Hillel is following guidelines from statewide religious groups, the Central Conference of American Rabbis, and the wisdom of a group of Southeastern Wisconsin Rabbis, with whom Rabbi Feingold has been meeting weekly during the pandemic.

The Beth Hillel Leadership Council will meet on Thursday, May 21, to review the situation and determine if any change in current practice is warranted.

Rabbi Feingold and our office manager, Philipp Butnik, continue to work from home.

However, Beth Hillel continues to offer programming and services, using various remote and virtual tools. 

Rabbi Feingold, office manager, Philipp Butnik, and bookkeeper, David Lauer, will continue their normal hours from home: 

  • Temple "offices" will still be closed on Mondays. 
  • Philipp's hours will be 10am - 4pm, Tue - Fri. 
  • David will do our bookkeeping on Thursdays.  

Phone messages left in  voicemail boxes  will be picked up and responded to by Philipp or Rabbi Feingold.

 Unfortunately, current rules do not allow Rabbi Feingold to visit hospitals or homes for pastoral calls.  She is available for "in-person" meetings in a phone call or face-time format. Please send her an email or leave her a voicemail at 262-654-2716 ( Ext 1) to set up a time to talk. 

Wayne Gooder will remain in the building, filling some limited security and safety functions.  The Kenosha Police Department is monitoring our property regularly while the building is closed.

MITZVAH CORPS/VOLUNTEERS:  Our top priority is to keep in touch with our members, ascertain their needs, and provide help where we can.  When a need  is known, younger and lower risk individuals will deliver supplies and meals to those who should not venture out. If you need assistance, or if you can volunteer to make phone calls or fulfill needs, please contact Mitzvah Corps chair Debra Solomon.

SERVICES: Shabbat and holiday services are being streamed live at the BHT Facebook  page and through interactive Zoom technology, according to our usual schedule. (See website sidebar and calendar.)  Members will receive the Zoom link, unique to each service in the weekly eNews. You may download the prayer book we use FREE as a “flip book” at this link:   The pages of the book are also shown in the Zoom virtual room. If you wish to buy the siddur as a book or a Kindle eReader, you can find those options as at ccarpress as well.

BSBH SCHOOL:  Our school is meeting each Sunday in a Zoom format through the closing day, May 17.

ADULT EDUCATION:  We continue to offer the following programs using Zoom or other technology. For Zoom classes,  participants are given a unique link for each event. To receive the link, contact those listed below.  Check for updates at our website or the weekly BHT eNews for new offerings:

  • Pirkei Avot class  -Bi-monthly Tuesday night 7:00pm through May 26 -Rabbi Feingold
  • Torah Study - Bi-monthly on Shabbat morning at 9:15am -Rabbi Feingold (please provide your email AND phone number)
  • Great Decisions - monthly on Sunday mornings- Esther Letven
  • Adult Hebrew - will resume in the summer- Terri Thornton
  • Musar - Terri Thornton (no newcomers at this time)
  • Mah Jong -Esther Letven or Connie Covey (using a Mahjong app)
  • Book Club - Karen Solomon
  • Meditation & Conversation - Wednesdays at 11:00am through May 27- Rabbi Feingold
  • Lunch & Learn - Tuesday, May 5 at Noon- Rabbi Feingold

Stay safe and healthy.  And remember that the steps you take to limit your interaction with others, even if you feel well, may very well save lives! 

Resources for further information:
Centers for Disease Control 
Wisconsin Department of Public Health
Kenosha County Health Department
Create a meaningful Shabbat at home

Welcome to Beth Hillel Temple

Reform Judaism is thriving at Beth Hillel Temple, where the spiritual needs of Jews living in Southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois are met. We are a warm and caring community that comes together to celebrate Jewish life and culture.


Meaningful services, innovative programming, and quality education are offered for all ages. The size of our small but growing membership of 137 families enables us to have rich intergenerational experiences, involved members, and a community that feels like an extended family. We welcome all who wish to celebrate Jewish life: families, singles and couples, gay and lesbian Jews, interfaith couples, and Jews by choice.


Beth Hillel is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism. The congregation was founded in 1924/25, and our building was erected in 1927. We are proud to have just completed a project to remodel our building and make it accessible to all.

Sat, June 6 2020 14 Sivan 5780