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About Us

Beth Hillel Temple is a loving community in Kenosha, Wisconsin with members from within Kenosha county and surrounding areas. Our members are committed to social justice, spiritual development, and lifetime learning. Within our congregation, close connections are formed that last a lifetime, learning from one another, supporting each other in times of need, enjoying good times and fun activities.

The Building

Located on Kenosha’s Library Square, the neo-classic synagogue building is part of  the Historic Library Park District.  Our congregation was founded in 1925 and our building was erected in 1927. We are proud to have recently completed a project to remodel our building and make it accessible to all.

Beth Hillel- historical 3.jpg

Our Mission

The purpose of Beth Hillel Temple is to create a community for those who wish to connect with a Reform Jewish congregation:

  • To promote and to enable its members to dedicate themselves to the fundamental principles of Judaism

  • To help ensure the continuity of the Jewish people 

  • To foster the vibrancy of Reform Judaism through

    • Torah: life-long learning 

    • Avodah: spiritual growth and worship of God through prayer and observance

    • G’milut chasadim: acts of lovingkindness

    • Tikkun olam (repairing the world).

Our People

The core strength of our congregation lies in its people. The unwavering commitment displayed by the members of Beth Hillel Temple is a testament to our vibrant community. This dedication is clearly evident through our extensive array of programs, the invaluable contributions of our volunteers, and the active involvement of our youth. Our members celebrate joyous occasions together, support one another in times of mourning and healing, share learning experiences, and come together in prayer. 

At the heart of our congregation, our volunteers selflessly give their time and effort not for personal recognition, but out of a deep-rooted pride in our community. Their dedication is visible through formal structures like the Leadership Council and Committees, as well as in more informal capacities such as teaching in our religious school, lay leading services when the Rabbi is unavailable, guiding programs in the afternoon on Yom Kippur, and hosting Onegs. 

Throughout each facet of our congregation, a prevailing sense of home and belonging is shared among both members and guests alike. Our membership beautifully represents a rich diversity of Jewish backgrounds, including interfaith families and a wide range of lifestyles. Together, we create a welcoming tapestry that encapsulates the essence of community and embraces the values that define Beth Hillel Temple.

The Sanctuary Windows

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