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At Beth Hillel, our educational programs are first-class, with a programs for children that start with tot shabbat and family services, and continue through the teen years where many high school students serve as Aides in our religious school. Our goal is to provide for a lifetime of Jewish learning.


Our youth are an inspiration, actively shaping the future of our congregation.  Many participate in local and national reform movement youth groups, (often taking on leadership roles), and the majority of our students attend summer camp at OSRUI. Many of our teens have gone on to be NFTY and Temple Youth Group advisors, song leaders, and summer camp counselors through URJ affiliated camps.  


Religious School

The curriculum of our Religious School places a strong emphasis on your child's growth in Jewish life. In order to maximize learning, topics are taught at grade-appropriate levels using a variety of teaching approaches, such as cooperative learning, music, art, dance, theater, storytelling, films, visual aids, and games to enhance the learning process. Readings are assigned based on grade level and content. Every year, we expand our dynamic curriculum and resources, allowing students to become more capable and participate in conversations at grade-appropriate levels.

Religious School Life Cycle Events

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