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Social Justice

"As Jews, we know only too well the experience of being brutalized, branded, and murdered because we are deemed to be a lesser form of life. So let us be the first and the strongest in affirming the nishmat chayim (breath of life) in every human being, and join vigorously in the call for justice for people of color in America by saying 'I can't breathe unless we learn to let everyone breathe.'"

-Rabbi Dena Feingold

Our Mission

  • To promote social justice by fostering relationships with people both inside and outside of Beth Hillel.

  • To incorporate social justice into the synagogue's general mission.

  • To provide members of the congregation with numerous chances to engage in acts of social justice and compassion.

  • to promote and support members' civic engagement.

  • To carry on Beth Hillel's longstanding tradition of collaboration with others, including our formal partnerships, in the greater community. 

  • To strive to be a body of lifelong learning and a bridge bringing communities together to respond to current societal conditions and contemporary issues through Jewish values.

Image by Wylly Suhendra

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