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D'var Torah:
Weekly Torah Portion Commentary

Vayakheil/Rosh Chodesh Adar II - 3/7/24

When we have a leap year in the Jewish calendar, a whole month is added, rather than just a day.   We are coming to the end of a leap month this Shabbat, when Adar I is over and Adar II begins on Sunday.  This explains why Purim and Passover are so late this year, as all of the holidays will be.  (Rosh Hashanah will begin on Oct 2.) Another result of adding a leap month is that the Torah portions that are sometimes paired up are separated into two Shabbatot.  This week’s parasha, Vayakheil, is read by itself this year, while it is most often paired with Pekudei.  Both Torah portions share detailed descriptions of the creation of the Tabernacle in the wilderness. 

Because of the extra month of Adar, we have had two months to prepare for the coming of Purim.  As the saying goes: “When Adar enters, joy increases.”  Increase joy for yourself and others this month by coming up with a costume for Purim and creating Mishloach Manot goodie parcels for friends and family. 

Save the date for the Megillah reading, Saturday night March 23.  And don’t forget to bake (or buy!) some Hamantaschen!

-Rabbi Dena A. Feingold


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