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Chodesh Cheshvan  (about the new month)

In the month of Cheshvan (sometimes called MarCheshvan), the second month of the Jewish calendar and the only month that does not have any special mitzvot or holidays-except Rosh Chodesh, we commemorate the yahrtzeit (anniversary of passing) of our matriarch Rachel. She is buried on the road to Beit Lechem, where throughout the ages, and still today, Jews of all walks of life go to pray and beseech that she intercede on their behalf as a mother does for her child.This month is the anticlimax of the previous month of Tishrei. With so many holidays and spiritual experiences, it was a feast for the soul—a vacation of sorts. Now, as we enter the month of Cheshvan, real life begins, back to the daily “mundane” grind. This is the time to take the inspiration and all that we gained in the month of Tishrei and integrate it into our lives, learning how to balance the spiritual and the physical elements of our life in unison and harmony.*

I found a great article, on AISH, that really ties together the transition from Tishrei to Cheshvan. It is lengthy, but I enjoyed the read and I hope you do too!

Enjoy and many blessings!

Kendra Heffelman


*The initial paragraph of this article originates from the Chabad site and I have linked the original here as it has further details on Rachel and on Cheshvan vs. MarCheshvan for those that would like more from that source.

Wed, November 20 2019 22 Cheshvan 5780