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Reflections on the Fall Holidays at BHT

Every year, Beth Hillel Temple strives for inclusiveness on the high holy days. This year was no different. The Ritual Committee made changes to encourage participation, especially for the end of the day of Yom Kippur, so that we could really come together as a community. We added a child-centered program, free childcare, and were sure to let people know they were welcome at our Break-fast even if they did not attend services.  

Read what people are saying! 

The babysitting during high holidays was fantastic. My daughters had a great time, and I was delighted with the quality of the care. It really made attendance at high holidays much more doable for my family. We will absolutely use it again next year!


Being a single parent, I make a lot of sacrifices for my children and having to work on Yom Kippur is one of them. I loved the opportunity and open doors at Beth Hillel who understands and didn't make me feel wrong for waiting until my son got out of school and I finished work to attend the services. The Rabbi saw me enter and smiled and allowed my 10-year-old to join the other two young ladies on the bima since he actually fasted the whole day. We enjoyed the break-fast meal afterward immensely.

Thank you, 

Having the honor of dressing the Torah during Yom Kippur services and carrying a Torah during Simchat Torah services made me feel closer to, and a part of the Jewish community around the world. It gave me a feeling of belonging to something so much larger than myself.

Kathy B.

My husband Bud and I became members of Beth Hillel Temple more than half a century ago. We came to Kenosha and joined his family at the temple after completing our studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. At that time long ago, I was a newcomer from Chicago. At present, just a few months ago, I found myself invited to be called to the Torah at a Shabbat service to receive the honor of reciting the Aliyah blessings before and after the Torah reading. At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this as I did not read Hebrew, but I thought it over. Then, I asked myself, “Why not?  I always like to learn. I can do this.” 

I looked at this opportunity as a challenge. I made copies of the blessings from the prayer book. I listened to them recited at services, and I listened to them being recited on Google several times. After that, it was my turn. I practiced reciting them, and at the chosen Shabbat service, it was my pleasure to be called to the Torah. Because I had been given this honor and practiced, I felt confident to recite. I was thankful for the honor and fulfilled that I was able to accomplish this. It gave me a warm feeling in my heart!



Sat, July 4 2020 12 Tammuz 5780