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High Holy Days Security


The times in which we find ourselves today are times of heightened insecurity, both generalized in the world around us and in our Jewish communities. Because of these concerns, we have now have a keypad on our back door for coded entry for members. If you would like the code, please contact the temple office. When using the code, please make sure only to let those you recognize as Beth Hillel members in with you.

On the High Holy Days this year for the first time ever in our synagogue’s history, those who do not have the code will be buzzed into the building, using a video security system. If you have not been here over the past year, you may not realize that this has become routine operating procedure in our congregation. There has been no specific threat to the Jewish community or to the building for these Holy Days, nor to our congregation at all in the past year. And yet, the congregation’s leadership, committees, and school staff have felt that people are worried about their safety when attending events at the Temple because of violence elsewhere. Therefore, we have spent many hours over recent months discussing how to keep our members feeling safe.  In addition to making changes to our entry procedures and hiring private security (off duty police officers) for special events, our staff went to trainings about securing our building and how to respond in a situation of mass trauma.  

While we wish we did not have to think about these things, we find that we must. You may, from time to time, be inconvenienced by the procedures we have put in place, but we trust that you will understand that the BHT leadership has tried to act with the community’s overall best interest in mind.

Sun, November 29 2020 13 Kislev 5781