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Rabbi Feingold's D'var Torah

N'tzavim - 09/22/22

We are moving toward the end of our annual cycle of Torah reading.  In N’tzavim, Moses is wrapping up his final messages to the Children of Israel before he dies, and his words become more and more eloquent.   Although this portion falls at this time of year because of the Torah reading cycle, it is also a very fitting passage for the coming New Year.  Biblical scholar Everett Fox notes that the root for the word “life” occurs six times and the root for the word “return” occurs 7 times in Deuteronomy Chapter 30.  Recall that the Torah was, at first, an oral work only, passed from person to person by recitation.  The repetition of significant words helped the listener to take away the key messages.  The words “life,” “chayim,”and “return,” “teshuvah,” are also key words of the Days of Awe that are soon upon us.  We ask God to inscribe us in the “Book of Life” and we begin the process of return to God and to our best selves, known as “teshuvah,” repentance.   As we enter the New Year 5783 this Sunday night, let our hearts be as one in prayer for ourselves and for each other for sincere teshuvah and inscription in the Sefer Chayim.  L’shanah Tovah Titakeyvu!

Mon, September 26 2022 1 Tishrei 5783