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Rabbi Feingold's D'var Torah

R'eih - 08/13/20

In last week’s Torah Study session, we looked at Joseph as an interpreter of dreams.  The commentaries pointed out that in Egyptian and other ancient Near Eastern societies, “dream-diviner” was a profession, but that it was against Israelite law.  We find the source of that law in this week’s parasha: “As for that prophet or dream-diviner, such a one shall be put to death for having urged disloyalty to…God….” (Deut. 13:6)   So, what do we do with Joseph, whose dream interpretation skills are lauded in the Torah and which raise him up out of the dungeon to become a viceroy in Egypt and ultimately save his family?  Joseph always credits God with his ability to interpret dreams, asserting that it is not his own skill, but Divine prophecy that enables him to see into the future.  This distinguishes him from oracles who claim to have skills of clairvoyance rather than messages from God.

Thu, August 13 2020 23 Av 5780