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BHT Reopening Committee Update (8/7/20)

Given increased infection rates in Wisconsin at this time and observing that local masking and social distancing practices continue to be slack, Beth Hillel will postpone all discussion about reopening our building and in-person programming until at least October, after all of the fall holidays have concluded.  In keeping with Jewish ethics, the Committee believes that Beth Hillel’s highest value should always be pikuach nefesh, the saving of a life, and that keeping our activities remote is the best way to show: V’ahavta l’rei’echa kamocha, Love your neighbor as yourself; care for our own health and the health of others.
The Committee took to heart a strong statement from the Wisconsin Council of Churches recommending this course of action.  The Council noted that the time and energy that has been put into “reopening” discussion is taking away from the core mission of religious communities and causing unnecessary stress to staff, clergy and volunteers.  The BHT committee conceded that this was true at Beth Hillel as well.
As a result, it was determined that our BSBH School will open remotely on Sep 13 and remain online only until at least Winter Break, unless conditions improve dramatically.  As was previously announced, all fall holiday observances and temple programming will be remote until further notice. 
BHT Office Manager, Philipp Butnik, will continue to work out of the Temple office, but the building is closed to other members.  Drop off and pick up will be allowed by pre-arrangement only.  Rabbi Feingold will continue to work from home. As always, she can be reached through email and voicemail at the temple office.  
Your understanding is appreciated.
BHT COVID Reopening Committee: David Domash, Ritual Committee; Rabbi Dena Feingold; Dr. Platina Gershtenson, Leadership Council; Steven Goldberg, Building Committee; Todd Letven, LC and BSBH School; Dr. Mimi Snyderman Platt; Dr. Steven Schwimmer; Dr. Harley Sobin

Fri, September 25 2020 7 Tishrei 5781