Guide to Shabbat Services

shabbatThe Ritual Committee of BHT is committed to bringing variety to the Beth Hillel worship experience. Over the years, we have developed many different types and times of services, to appeal to different needs within the community. ALL members of ALL ages and guests are welcome at each and every service. Some services are geared to a particular age group, but all ages will enjoy each type. What follows is a brief summary:

Kabbalat Shabbat ( 5:45pm Fridays )  A 45 minute service to welcome in Shabbat. This is traditional timing for Friday services in the synagogue. Families then go home for a relaxing Shabbat dinner. Rabbi Feingold leads the congregation in a guided meditation at the beginning of the service. If there is no service the next day, she will give a brief D’var Torah (commentary) on the weekly Torah Portion. Generally only on the first Friday of the month. In the summer, services in our outdoor Beit Knesset are mostly of this type.

Family Kabbalat Shabbat (5:45pm Fridays) A one-half hour service geared toward families with young children (ages 7 and under). There is lots of singing, and participation with maracas and tambourines is encouraged. A story is told. Children participate in a Hakafah (parade with the Torah), but there is no Torah reading. Children with birthdays during the month receive gifts. Volunteers from our younger families take turns bringing light, healthy snacks for a brief Oneg (reception) after services. Every other month, generally on the second Friday of the month.

Family Shabbat (7:00pm Fridays) A 45-minute service geared toward families with tots and school age children. Like the Family Kabbalat service, there are lots of songs and maracas and tambourines for all to enjoy. A story is told and a brief Torah reading is done. Children receive birthday gifts. Every other month, generally on the second Friday of the month.

Shabbat Service, type A (7:30pm Fridays) Full service with Torah reading, Haftarah reading and Sermon, or occasionally, a discussion about the Torah Portion instead of a sermon. About one and one half hours in length. Generally on the third, fourth or fifth Fridays of the month.

Shabbat Service, type B (7:30pm Fridays) Service with sermon, but no Torah or Haftarah readings, as they will be done the next day at a Shabbat morning service. Generally on the last two or three Fridays of the month.

Healing Service (7:30pm Fridays) This is like the Shabbat Services above, but instead of a sermon, Rabbi Feingold leads a 15-minute time of meditation, prayers for healing, special music, and time for sharing for those who need healing, are concerned about others who need healing or who are caregivers. Offered quarterly.

Home Shabbat (time varies) About four or five times a year, in order to meet the needs of our many members who do not live in Kenosha or who live in a nursing home or assisted living, we hold services in a home or resident facility. We even take the Torah on the road and often enjoy a Shabbat pot-luck dinner at the homes. The time and types of service vary, as above.

Learner’s Minyan (10:30am Saturdays) This relaxed Shabbat morning service is called the Learner’s Minyan because the prayers are slowed down and those who are learning to lead services are given the opportunity to practice. There is no sermon, but a one-hour Parashat Hashavuah Torah study session precedes services at 9:30 in the first floor lounge. The Learner’s Minyan is always followed by a Kiddush Bagel Brunch. First Saturday after the first Friday of the month.

Congregant-led Minyan (10:30am Saturdays) Members who love to lead services and like the Saturday morning time have pulled together to offer another Saturday morning service each month. Rabbi Feingold does not lead this service, but most often attends as a congregant. Offered generally on the third Saturday of the month, if there are no Saturday B’nai Mitzvah that month. 


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03 Mar 2018
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