Wow! What a month we’ve had at the religious school. February may be the shortest month, but we certainly made the most of it!

The month kicked off with the 5th-6th graders, along with Rabbi Feingold, spending a fun-filled weekend at OSRUI where they were joined by kids and Rabbis from other Midwest congregations at the annual Small Cities Retreat. Understandably it’s a weekend the kids had really been looking forward to. Spending Shabbat at OSRUI is already an amazing experience, and then they topped it off with a night at the waterpark! No wonder this retreat is always so well-attended.

Not to be outdone by the 5th-6th graders, the 3rd-4th graders had their annual Shabbaton (Shabbat sleepover at the temple). Their special evening began with their class participating in Shabbat services and finished the next day with a morning of fun. After the oneg they had a blast hanging out together, watching a movie, eating snacks and talking about Rabbi Hillel’s Facebook page. I’m not sure how much they slept, but they sure had a good time!

In addition to the retreat and the Shabbaton, the JYG Kallah was also in February. Why should everyone else get to have all the fun? The 6th-8th graders got together at, you guessed it, OSRUI for an awesome weekend with friends from all over the Midwest and Canada. And of course, their fun-filled weekend also included a trip to the waterpark. Honestly, I’m amazed they want to come home, assuming they do...

The student’s talents were on full display at KRAFTY’s annual Beit Cafe talent show. Our future stars took the stage and showcased their various ‘skills’ in front of a very supportive (and forgiving) crowd. A big thank you to the youth group for putting on a great show! It’s always fun when the students get together for a social event, especially this one.

Whew. That all happened in February!?! March isn’t quite as crazy, but what we lack in quantity we make up for in quality. That’s right, Purim’s coming! Come to the carnival, have a hamantaschen and show off your ring-toss skills. Join us for a great morning filled with games, food, treats, and of course... the costume contest! It’s always very entertaining.

As you can see, the school is humming right along. The staff is awesome, the kids are wonderful and the parents make it all happen. We’re lucky to have such a great school family.

Until the next Achshav,
Todd Letven, Administrator
Beit Sefer Beth Hillel

We are fast approaching the middle of the school year and what a year it has been! Who knew we could have so much fun? As the new semester begins and winter break is behind us, there is a lot more fun to come. Everyone will return from the break energized and ready to go, and if the second semester goes by as quickly as the first, Spring will be here before you know it! The 90th anniversary year is shaping up to be a great one!

The weeks leading up to the winter recess were packed with all sorts of fun events, not the least of which was the Chanukah celebration. To kick off the holiday, the students took a field trip to the Kenosha Museum where they hosted a Chanukah program for the public. Everyone had a great time at the event and the students and staff also experienced what life was like 90 years ago as everyone boarded a 1920s trolley to the museum. A couple of weeks later, many of the temple teens are joining their youth group friends and gathered at camp OSRUI for the annual NFTY Winter Kallah. Our temple teens are always well represented and we’re very proud of them.

The coming weeks and months are filled with more of the same fun! In addition to the Tu B’shvat celebration, it seems there’s something happening every minute! The annual Small Cities retreat (at camp OSRUI) is fast approaching, where our 5th and 6th grade students will join other kids their age from small congregations throughout the Midwest for a weekend filled with fun. Not to be outdone, the older and younger students will also enjoy special events in the coming weeks. The 3rd and 4th graders have their annual Shabbaton (sleepover at the temple) and the teens will again depart for OSRUI for the Youth Group Kallah. No wonder the time flies by!

As you can tell, there is a lot happening and much more to come! Check the school calendar on the temple’s website for a complete list of all upcoming events. Whether you come to services when the students are participating or join us for a bagel on Sunday morning, come see what wonderful students and staff make up our religious school. We have lots to be proud of.

Todd Letven,
Administrator (Menahel)
Beit Sefer Beth Hillel

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